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About me

My name is Ben Foster. I'm a 28 year old developer currently living in Nottingham, UK. I like to write code, even just for fun, and I love learning new things. I'm incredibly passionate about what I do and enjoy working with other open minded, enthusiastic people. I also like to share my experiences with others and blog regularly here.

Things I'm good at

I have a fairly broad set of skills, covering majority of the .NET stack. My speciality is web development, so I spend most of my time working with ASP.NET, Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Earlier this year I launched my first startup Fabrik. It was a great opportunity to get first hand of experience of many new and exciting technologies, in particular building HTTP APIs with rich JavaScript clients (we actually took an "API first" approach when developing fabrik which introduced lots of interesting opportunities and challenges).

Buzz Words:

  • .NET 2.0 and upwards
  • C#
  • ASP.NET (Web Forms, MVC, Web API)
  • Various Data Access libraries - from System.Data to Dapper, NHibernate and Entity Framework
  • JavaScript/jQuery/KnockoutJS
  • Windows Azure
  • MSMQ
  • NServiceBus
  • Lucene.NET
  • RavenDB
  • REST
  • DDD

OSS Projects/Involvment

View my GitHub profile.

Get in touch

If you think I may be what you are looking for then please don't hesitate to contact me by email, twitter or by phone (+44 (0)7970 721961).

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Ben Foster

About Me

I'm a software engineer and aspiring entrepreneur with 12+ years experience in the tech industry and have worked with startups and SMB’s in areas such as healthcare, recruitment and e-commerce (I even worked in enterprise, once). I founded my first startup Fabrik in 2011.

I now head up the engineering team at Checkout.com. If you're interested in working in an exciting fin-tech company, drop me a message on Twitter.

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