September 20, 2011

CQRS Resources

As I continue to try and get my head around the CQRS architectural pattern I will be using this post to bookmark links and resources I’ve found useful.

Some general links

A couple of videos I’ve found very useful:

You’ll probably find that you have used many “parts” of CQRS already such as commanding, messaging and even using a service bus. The hardest thing for me has been understanding event sourcing, especially how you handle changes to your domain and read models. The above video by Nicholas Cloud really helped me.


I’ve started working on a CQRS demo application to test out various CQRS frameworks. Whilst it’s fairly trivial to perform the essentials of CQRS yourself, it can get quite complicated when it comes to event sourcing.

The full source is available on bitbucket and so far I’ve completed implementations of both Ncqrs and SimpleCQRS.

I’ve also found a few articles on transitioning existing applications to CQRS. Check them out here and here.

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